Fainting Does


Ahsum Acres Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is registered with MSFG, her registration # is 11155, and date of birth is 10/13/2021. She is out of Bells Goats Ridge and MCH Cozy Acres Mona.

Frassenei Farms BaLooney Tunes

BaLooney is registered with MGR, and her # is E6178. She was born 5/20/2020. She is out of Rising S Hit The Road Jack and Frassenei Farms Polly Pocket, who is a certified Mini. We will be certifying BaLooney as a mini this year when she turns 3.

Hootnanny Acres Kia

Kia is registered with MSFG, and her # is 9396, and was born 11/5/2020. She is out of MCH Hootnanny Acres Lil River and Cozy Acres Katie.

Ahsum Acres Stop Drop and Roll

"Fabianna" is MSFG registered, and her registration # is 8637. She was born 11/25/2019. She is out of Flying J Kraken and MCH Cozy Acres Mona

Frassenei Farms Midnight Frolic

"Middy" is dual registered MGR and MSFG. Her MSFG registration # is 11105, and her MGR registration # is F2440. Middy was born 4/13/2021.

Frassenei Farms Finding Dory

Frassenei Farms song of Ariel

Ariel is registered with MGR. DOB is 02/03/2019. Registration # E6180. Ariel is out of Bells Goats Clarice and Fall Over Farms A Salty Breeze. She is a red tri, and one of our first registered fainters. She produces beautiful colored babies for us!

Frassenei Farms Twilight Affair

Twilight is registered with MGR. Her DOB is 03/20/2021. Her registration # is F2439. Twilight is out of Frassenei Farms Daenerys and Rising S Loverman. She is a tiny goat, built like a barrel! If you are looking for a mini baby, you will not be disappointed by any out of her! Once she is 3 years old, we will be certifying her as a mini. She is currently only 15" tall!

Frassenei Farms Trick up my Sleeve

Trixie is registered with MGR. Her DOB is 03/23/2018. She is out of Fall Over Farms A Bit of Breeze and Rising S Ace in the Hole. Trixie is our only "standard sized" myo. She has great conformation and muscling, which you can see on all her kids. Even though she is a standard sized myo, she has been able to produce smaller the sized myos we are looking for.

Frassenei Farms Bit O Honey

Bitsy is dual registered with MSFGA and MGR. Her DOB is 03/14/2017. MGR # is D4209. MSFG # is . She is out of Bells Goats Carmello and Bells Goats Latte Ice. Bitsy is a certified mini with MGR. She has a small and correct stature which is plesantly feminine. She also bosts long silky soft hair! 

Frassenei Farms Chyna

Chyna is registered with MSFGA. Her DOB is 

Squires farm and Ranch Strait outta Compton

"Compy" is our 2022 keeper doe out of BF Wisdom of Rafiki and FF Trick Up My Sleeve. Compy has a nice small and robust structure that is very correct, and is built like a barrel!

Frassenei Farms Ellaria

Bells Goats BB CHez