Cows and Heifers

PHOTOS COMING SOON! (When we have sunny weather for good photos)

flatheads dimple

DOB 04/16/2011, AHCA # 51319

Dimple (Dimpy) is out of Flying Highland's Molly and Double LL Gillium. Dimpy Anna's heart cow. Long after she is retired, she will live with us. Dimpy and Anna have a special bond, and she is truly a once in a lifetime cow.  

GST Lacy Yogi

DOB  11/15/2019, AHCA # 59742

Lacy is out of Thorbardin's Mae West and SSS Smokey Homeboy. Lacey is a smaller statured highland cow with exceptional bloodlines. She has a nice heartgearth, strong loin, and feminine face. Lacy had her first calf in 2022 with no assistance, and a quick labor!

WL Jasmin

DOB 04/08/2020, AHCA # 61136

Jazz is out of Windemere Barley and EZ Acres Kyle. Jazz is a heifer that brings with her an impeccable bloodline! She has a nice flat and straight back from withers to tail head, wide hips, thick chest, and very feminine head. She is very correct all around! We are excited to see the structurally correct calves she throws!

cd kylee

DOB 07/09/2019, AHCA # 60354

Kylee is out of CD Myrtle and CD Hardy. She is a white cow, so that means she'll produce a variety of colors; if that is what you are looking for! Kylee is a small framed gal with nice hips, and a feminine head. She has had one calf, and had no issues birthing on her own.

Lacy of Ihana

DOB 05/01/2022, AHCA REG # 63873

Our 4 year old son, Sherman, has renamed this heifer to "Tree." Tree is out of our cow CD Kylee and a bull named KIH Hiram. Tree is a small framed heifer with a nice straight topline. She has a few more years until she is bred, but we are excited to see what she brings to our fold! 

Swalander's Holly, rip

Holly came to us in 2021. We unexpectedly lost her while calving during summer 2022. We are sad that she is gone, but we are thankful for the bounty she has provided us. If you ever visit our farm, her scull and horns adorns our main gate to our property.