Rocky & lEANN hatt - WASILLA, aLASKA

I had purchased Rocky from Squires Farm and Ranch November 2021. I live in Alaska so Rocky traveled from Washington to Alaska by air and Anna did a fantastic job of getting Rocky’s certificate so he can travel and provided his crate that was per Airline standards. Anna has been very professional and has a lot of knowledge of the GSD breed. Rocky is exceptional, great temperament, calm and very easy to train. I have seen a lot of GSD that are very high energy and take a lot of daily exercise to keep focus. I would highly recommend Squires Farm and Ranch for any of their animals. Anna was always available for my many questions and loved that she wanted to hear about how Rocky was doing. Rocky has adjusted to all of the grandkids and his furry family as well.

Happy GSD Mama,

Leanne Hatt

Wasilla Alaska

Max & The Singh Family - Portland, ORegon

After our kids convinced us to get a GSD, we ended up visiting many places, but nothing was close enough to meet our criteria of trust, authenticity and care until we found Anna and Squires Farm and Ranch.


After a good phone conversation, we ended up visiting the farm to meet Anna and our 4 weeks old Max.  It was so pleasant to meet her and her family in a beautiful ranch in located in the city of Yelm WA.  We saw the care and environment she maintained at her ranch for many different animals including Eve and Rambo (Max’s parents) and 3 litters. The kennel was so nice than I had seen elsewhere, they were plenty big and allowed to dogs be inside or have a run outside, very clean, and the puppies had plenty of space to play with. Both parents and puppies were raised with 2-year-old boy and many other animals including horses, goats, cows and chickens in the middle of the nature.  You can’t imagine a better place to get the best companion for family.


We had so many questions concerns being 1st time dog parents and that also GSD, she patiently answers all questions and cleared all of our concerns to give us the confidence in this big step. She kept us update with the Max progress on the farm on regular basis. After 8 weeks we visited the Squires farm again to get Max and Anna was ready with all the paperwork, initial vaccine and registration. She welcomed us in her home to finish all formalities and made sure we are set for success.


Max will be 2 years old in few weeks he is healthy and an amazing smart boy.  Anna stills keeps us in contact to check how Max is doing. We are so glad we found her, and Max. She loves the dogs; it is her passion and not a business.


Singh family


Squires farm and ranch takes exceptional care of their animals. The comfort, quality and health of their animals is evident. Their choice of breeding stock for longevity is apparent. If you are looking for a quality pet or addition to your breeding program I highly recommend reaching out to them. I have had the pleasure of working with them for over five years, I have had nothing but good experiences. 

SFR B'Elanna Torres & Kim Cook - California

I bought a doeling from Squires Farm and I have been completely delighted from the time of purchase to today. Anna and her lovely son Sherm did such an amazing job of socializing this spectacular little doe that I can hold her in my arms and rub her belly until she falls asleep. She is a joy to handle because they handled her and Anna sent me pictures of my little doeling while I waited for her to be old enough for shipping. These folks are top notch and I know I lucked out in more than one way!